Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hi, I'm Jen

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Jen and I am a hair stylist. The purpose of this blog is to introduce the newest hair styles so that you can always have you look up to date. Looking fabulous is my game.

Since I am also a college girl, I know how difficult and expensive it can be to maintain a hot look on a college budget. So my prices are quite reasonble for the high quality work I produce.

I specialize in sew in weaves, full sew in and partials. I also specialize in Full and Front lace wig applications. I do lace frontal and sew in, weave ponytails and updo's.

I am great at all hair types. This include Caucasian, Asian all other fine hair types.

You will often catch me switching up my style on the regular. I know, I have an issue. lol. This is going to be a fabulous blog where I will be sharing a lot of beauty secrets and you can share your with me as well.

I can answer all of your weave questions. So don't hesitate to ask whatever! Meanwhile, enjoy my videos, images, and the many blogs to come.

Muah :)